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The Honest Truth

Inside Tent Looking Out

I hate to break it to you all. Our wonderful plans to sell great stuff at the 10 mile yard sale was not so wonderful. It was a yard sale and the location wasn't the best place to be. The worst of it was people were ready to buy junk. Yup. Old stuff, used stuff and not interested in arts and crafts stuff.

So this is how our day went.

We packed our car the day before to make sure we didn’t forget anything. Then we left early in the morning to make sure we could set up in time for early birds. We waited and waited and waited. Five hours later we did it - we made a sale! Never mind if it was only a $3 sale we had to wait 5 hours to make it. The purchase was the paper towel bunny treat holders I sold all 10 of them! Woot! Woot!

Now, I like to say I am like that person who sees the cup half full instead of half empty. Others might disagree but I felt good about the day; after all even if we didn't do well we still were the best looking stand around and we did make a sale. Oh did I mention that Steve was able to find some tools he needed and after renting the space and the tools purchased, we were in the hole about $48!

What can I take away from this day? Simple. Our product was not what people were looking for. It was

Outside Looking In

a yard sale for goodness sakes, not a arts and crafts show. Next time I know to bring my old ragged used items we have laying around the house. I also realized that I made some great art. I got a lot of compliments on my stuff and know that it could sell if I were at the right venue. Lastly, I learned that I have the greatest partner anyone could ever have. Thank you Steve for your love, support and hard work.

I am not discouraged, I will succeed and I will see you at the next art show! TTFN - ta ta for now!

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